A Step-by-step plan for aspiring adventurers who want to build the strength of a Sherpa and the endurance of a mountain warrior. Fast. 

Trekking Success.

It's time to get real. 

If you're feeling... 

If you're feeling... 

confused, overwhelmed, unprepared and unfit....

...this is for you

like you may be wasting your time in the gym because you have no idea if it's going to pay off in the mountains. 
(We'll show you exactly what to do)

If you're feeling... 

proud you made the decision to get out of your comfort zone, but it's like: What have I got myself into? Can I pull this off?

(Truth: the best experience of your life and Yes you can do this!)

This is a step-by-step road map that will give you 100% confidence in your ability to reach your peak.  

Learn about altitude, gear, packing & more...

Endurance & Trekking Skills

So you can do this.  

You'll build strength  

On-the-trail experience -  test out your ability on uneven terrain, perfect your trekking skills, and get comfortable with your gear on regular hiking sessions.

Build your body for the ultimate test.

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Endurance  - so your body cruises through the demands of steep sections, tough terrain, harsh weather and high altitude. 

Strength  - to give you greater control over your body, reduce fatigue and the chance of injury. 

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Embrace your freedom: Online program. 
Immediate access. No gym required.

Get mountain fit anywhere

(No mountains required!)

The program mimics the demands of the mountains with stairs, stairwells, step ups, treadmills. There is always a way!

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Every single session and workout is designed specifically for the trekking environment. Everything you need, nothing you don't. 

Activities such as ice climbing weren't something I could practice in QLD. But when the time came, I was capable and strong. Every movement through snow, rock and ice felt familiar (I’d never even seen snow before).

Alice, Mont Blanc 

I'm training for the Everest Circuit and live in Dubai. The nearest hills are in Oman. I train in the gym using the program & go on hikes for 3 hours every Friday - often it's on the beach (with camels)  - Craig, Everest Circuit.

Mountaineer Mindset - learn the key techniques adventurers follow to manage fear, assess risk, stay motivated and ignore the voices that say "you can't do this".

Everything you need for a trek of a lifetime. All in one place.

Pre-departure checklist, altitude guides, how to save your knees on the downhill, how to use trekking poles, breathing techniques.

More than a fitness program

Gear 101 - Packing lists, buying guides, Step-by-Step packing instructions, how to layer your gear, how to use your gear and more...

12 week training plan 

As a Big Mountain member you'll be miles closer to your peak with instant access to your trekking specific training plan, a community of like-minded adventurers, Support from an Expert Trekking Coach,

and much more, including:

Weekend hiking schedule

Easy to follow

All the gear info
you'll ever need

Step-by-step exercise descriptions

Weekly coaching
emails from Chase

What's included?

Complete guide on altitude sickness

 Tips & advice from
The Base Camp Community

Chase is Australia’s leading expedition specific Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Drawing on a young lifetime as a trekker, climber and mountaineer, he has coached over 400 people to reach their peak with his proven training system.

If you have the dedication, Chase will give you the resources, instruction and the knowledge to have an extraordinary time in the mountains.

Chase has been a contributor to Wild Magazine, speaks at World Expeditions Information Nights and has been seen on Channel 9, ABC.

Your trekking coach.


Your "after-shot" won't be taken in front of the bathroom mirror.

Real people, real-world results

At 62 years of age I wondered if I had left my "run" too late to take on a challenge like Kilimanjaro. I found Chase and his team to be inspiring, knowledgeable and generous with their advice and time. They provided training which prepared me both mentally and physically for my Kilimanjaro climb. I recommend them to anyone considering a trek.

Greg, Everest Base Camp & Circuit

Robyn, Mt Kilimanjaro

Jeremy, Everest Base Camp

Training with Chase and his team is not just about getting fitter and stronger, but learning valuable skills specific to trekking, equipment, and health as well. You're getting more than just a program. You are receiving a very complete training solution for whatever wild mountain-based adventure you may dream up with trainers who genuinely care for you and who can provide you the best advice for completing your goal.

My 22 day trek in Nepal was the trip of a lifetime. Without Chase’s carefully targeted fitness regime & his advice on how to stay mentally tough I would never have made it to the top. The focused lower body training made the steep climbs & steep descents a breeze.

Your trek starts here. 
Complete training program - specialist coach - a community like no other.

"No one regrets that time they got really fit and transformed their life"  - Alice

A. The program requires very basic equipment that can be found in any gym or sports store. If you plan to carry out the training at home you’ll need a solid step or a bench (about 40-50cm high), dumbbells, rubber barbell plate. We also recommend a timer (stopwatch or phone to time your sessions), Heart Rate Monitor (for aerobic sessions) and a backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a question that's not here!

A. This program is designed for multi-day treks. Such as, Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, Annapurna Circuit/Base Camp, Mt Ebrus. For Trekking Peaks such as Mera Peak, Island Peak, Mont Blanc, Aconcagua this program provides a foundation to then progress to the Advanced Mountain Program (if time permits). 

A. The Trekking Success Training Guide requires no previous training experience. The exercises are basic and easy to do, although some can be awkward the first time around. Be patient, carefully study the exercise descriptions and photos and use lighter weights. 

A. No worries. Get in touch with us here, or ask us via facebook

Q. I've never trained before, can I use this program?

Q. What Equipment do I need?

A. I often get approach by people with 4 weeks to go before their trek, which simply isn't enough time to see physiological adaptions from any type of training. Adaptions in cardiovascular fitness can take 6 - 8 weeks of regular training, and strength gains require even longer (8 -12 weeks). In my experience, results are achieved with atleast 12 weeks of training. If you have more time that's even better! 

Can't find what your looking for? Get in touch here.

Q. When should I start training?

Q. Is this training for my trek?

We're waiting for you...  

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